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Since our humble beginnings in 1981, our objective has stayed the same: supplying quality and reliable parts and systems to meet the demands of local industries while exploring opportunities in foreign markets as part of our global strategy.  As the leading domestic OEM manufacturer of automotive parts, it is our responsibility to enhance quality and functionality of vehicles produced in Iran. To that end, we are constantly ... (more)
We aim to improve life quality of our employees, competitive position of our company and technical level of Iran automotive industry.

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Crouse employee headcount increased to more than 9200

Human resources have always been considered as most valuable assets of Crouse. For this reason, company's management has always tried to create a clean and dynamic environment, so that all personnel can reach their personal, organizational and social goals, while respecting main organizational values. Based on last headcount of Human resource department, until end of February 2015, Crouse has around 9200 employees, 3000 of them work in plant one, 3800 in plant two and 2400 in plant three. .(more)