SAPCO CEO: Crouse and Riseco Are Leading Part Makers in Localization

SAPCO held 'The First Innovation Event' with the participation of authorities and stakeholders in the field of science and technology, aiming to meet the capability of the knowledge-based companies with the technological requirements of the part making industry.

Adel Pir Mohammadi, CEO and member of the board of directors of SAPCO, mentioned the objective of the event and said: "This gathering aimed at introduction of part makers and knowledge-based companies, who do not have production capabilities to localize the parts that have not been self-sufficiently produced or their production needed special technical knowledge.

About the presence of the Crouse Company in the exhibition at the event, Pir Mohammadi said: "Crouse, as one of the most capable companies in the field of auto part making, has a very high capability in technical know-how and has reached self-sufficiency in producing parts required by the automotive industry and has numerous projects underway to increase the level of localization."

Speaking about high performance of Crouse Company in the local production, Pir Mohammadi pointed out: "Crouse, like a number of other carmakers, is working in partnership with knowledge-based and localizing auto parts companies, and is particularly active in the field of self-sufficiency and product development.

Pir Mohammadi said of Riseco's presence at the exhibition: "Like all companies working with Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Riseco has taken effective steps to localize the production of auto parts. In essence, the first criteria for the cooperation of the part manufacturing companies with Iran Khodro Industrial Group is to have knowledge-based products.

About the high performance of part makers in the sphere of self-sufficiency, The CEO of SAPCO stated that: "At present, shortly after the launch of the self-sufficiency products, the performance of the auto part makers in this field is very high, resulting in self-sufficiency in supply chain companies.