Moghimi: Crouse's effective steps led to localization of many sensitive auto parts in the country

Farshad Moghimi, Chief Executive Officer of Iran Khodro Industrial Group; Hassan Wafadar Yengjeh, Vice Chairman of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, and the delegate, planned on visiting the part manufacturers during 10 days of Fajr Festivity [The anniversary of the Islamic Revolution], and today they visited the activities, production lines, design centers and equipment of Crouse Manufacturing Industries.

While visiting Crouse Manufacturing Company, Iran Khodro CEO, Farshad Moghimi said "We are present at the company today to find out about the latest Crouse situation in production, localization, steps taken to sign a covenant to grow and achieve daily production of 2,500 cars; and fortunately, despite all the problems in the automotive and parts industry, Crouse situation is favorable."

Regarding Crouse performance in supplying needed parts of Iran Khodro, Moghimi pointed out: "All Iran Khodro suppliers, especially Crouse in various areas, despite hard conditions, made special and exclusive efforts that deserve praise and thanks."

Moghimi mentioned that in the current situation, there is a special need for the automotive parts industry, and noted: "Given the critical circumstances, we must take special measures, with empathy and collaboration, to solve the problems facing the automotive industry."

The CEO of Iran Khodro commented on the progress of Crouse in the sphere of auto parts self-sufficiency and reiterated: "Crouse company's effective steps led to localization of sensitive parts in various fields in the country. Among the significant measures are production of connectors, advanced electronics boards and trim components that are central to the automotive parts supply chain, as well as more than 50% of the production of this part manufacturing company has been achieved by using the knowledge and expertise of localized engineers. And it is admirable."

He pointed to the expansion of Crouse activities and said: "The Company has expanded its operations in spite of the recent developments in the automotive industry and has even hired new employees that indicate the dynamism and development of Crouse.

During the visit Hasan Wafadar Yengjeh, Vice Chairman of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, said: "Today, compared to previous years, technology, innovation in industry, production rate and quality have been greatly enhanced, reflecting the company's high efforts in this field and capability, especially in the area of ​​localization."

Vafadar Jengjeh expressed hope for upgrading all the part makers and reaching the Crouse level, saying: "By looking at the performance and results of the companies like Crouse we can see that in the country we can increase the capacity and technology advancement in this area that it creates a sense of satisfaction."

Regarding the success of Crouse in the self-sufficiency of parts supply, Vice Chairman of Iran Khodro Industrial Group stated: "Crouse was able to be a pioneer in the field of electrical and electronic platform and controllers because it has localized a large percentage of electronic components and today our hopes grow to see the rest of the electronic parts be localized by Crouse in the near future to reach Iran Khodro's objectives."