Hanachi: Crouse Can Be One of the Best in the Region

1.      Pirouz Hanachi, Mayor of Tehran and his delegation visited the activities, production lines, design centers and industrial machinery production centers of Crouse Manufacturing Company.

2.      Hanachi on Crouse performance: The results in Crouse show a planned and constant move that can meet many automotive needs, as well as the active presence of women in the part manufacturing company, which is really significant. Actually Crouse is credited for creating sustainable employment.

3.      The Mayor of Tehran stated that with the capacity we observed in Crouse and also with the improvement of the political conditions of the country in the future, the company can surely become one of the best regional player for shared car platforms and even in the field of export. Many world-class producers can also use their parts.

Recently, Tehran Mayor, Pirouz Hanachi along with a group of municipal managers including Seyed Manaf Hashemi, Advisor of Finance Development; Peyman Sanandaji, Advisor of Transportation; Yousef Hojjat, Acting Deputy of Transport and Traffic; Shahra’in, Office Manager and Mahmoud Taraf’e, CEO of Bus Transportation visited Crouse Company No. 2 plant’s activities, production lines, design centers and industrial manufacturing centers.
During the visit, the managers of various departments briefed Pirouz Hanachi and the delegate and introduced the operation, productivity and quality of the Company.
The Mayor of Tehran expressed hope on the sidelines of the visit and said; Crouse can become one of the best in the region to provide auto parts for joint car platforms, and can even export its components to many global factories around the world.
Pirouz Hanachi, while visiting Crouse plant 2, said: "Anyway, with what we've seen at Crouse Company, it shows a planned and sustainable move that can meet many of the automotive needs."
While congratulating Crouse team executives on the excellent performance in part manufacturing industry, he said: "We came here to get acquainted with Crouse capabilities and what we saw was far beyond what we had previously thought. The high performance of the Crouse Company is certainly the result of continuous effort and planning for over three decades and we wish it all success.”
On the Tehran Municipality's plan to cooperate with Crouse Company, Hanachi said: "Public transportation, including buses, minibuses and urban pick-up designs are now being negotiated with the company's executives in order to reach results in next phases.

Regarding the presence of women in Crouse Company Mayor of Tehran said: “Active participation of women in Crouse Company is very significant and about 70% of Crouse workers are women, which is basically not just for women, but actually  what Crouse has done in the field of creating Stable employment is admirable.
The Mayor of Tehran mentioned Crouse part manufacturing capacity and capability and said: “Crouse existing products at first glance, because of their high quality, are thought to be imported, but they are originally and locally manufactured by Crouse; As we have witnessed the capacity in Crouse Company, as the country's political climate improves in the future, the company can surely become one of the best regional players for joint car platforms, even will be able to export to many world-class factories and their parts can be used by global producers.