1/31/2024 12:00:00 AM

“The 2nd Auto Parts Capability and Localization Exhibition” at Crouse Company

"The 2nd Auto Parts Capability and Localization Exhibition" was held on 7th to 11th of February, at Crouse Company. Among the most important approaches of this exhibition, we can mention creating a suitable platform for entrepreneurship by outsourcing parts, trying to improve the quality level of small production workshops, creating a supply basket for suppliers and preventing foreign exchange from leaving the country.

It should be mentioned that this exhibition was held last year for the first-time at Crouse company in order to visit the outsourced parts in the last 10 years and also the achievements of this organization as the largest auto parts production factory in the country. The company hosted many suppliers, news agencies, and related organizations for 5 days.

Hopefully Crouse can take steps to create a comprehensive database of internal suppliers, identify them and ensure a robust supply chain by holding this exhibition.