5/12/2024 12:00:00 AM

Crouse attends “Co-op course” of Sharif university

Crouse Company, Iran’s largest auto spare parts manufacturer, has joined a plan by Tehran’s Sharif University of Technology to hold a course entitled “Sustainable Work and Education” – known by its Farsi acronym of Co-op.


The plan is a combination of academic instruction and experience of industrial work which aims to help the university students to successfully move from the university to the working environment.


The course enables the students to practice university lessons in a practical atmosphere and upgrade their preparedness for entering the job market.


The students who register for the plan will have to spend two separate seven-month periods (14 months altogether) in companies which have joined the Co-op to acquire the necessary experiences for their individual development.


As much as 181 students have registered and signaled readiness to spend their course in Crouse Company.