Member of Parliament's Budget and Planning Commission: Government support is a necessity for paving the way for part makers

1.      Today more than 12,000 people are employed by Crouse Company

2.      Despite cruel US sanctions against the Iranian nation, Crouse part Manufacturing Company continues to be a dynamic and active in production and localization of parts

3.      Iranian youth were able to demonstrate their abilities in this enterprise

4.      Parliament support for all manufacturers and part makers is a necessity

Mohsen Biglari, Member of the Parliamentary Planning, Budget and Accounting Commission, visited the production lines, design centers and industrial facilities of the Crouse Manufacturing Company. Mr. Sakha, the CEO of the Company, and executives from different departments like productivity and quality control provided explanations and introduction of activities.

On the sidelines of the visit to Crouse, Biglari said, "In the past, part industry was highly dependent on foreign countries, and now that dependency has changed to self-sufficiency in Crouse Part Manufacturing Co."

"Crouse has been operating since 1982, and today more than 12,000 people are working in the enterprise, and despite cruel US sanctions against the Iranian nation, Crouse continues to be dynamic and active in production and localization which should be appreciated and admired", said Saghez and Baneh representative in Parliament.

The member of the Planning and Budget Commission, referring to to Crouse achievements, said: "Technology in Crouse manufacturing enterprise is so high that it can compete with other countries, and Iranian youth in the economy have been able to showcase their capabilities, also from workers to managers all are actively working and it is a great honor and hope that we can see our beloved country is proud in all areas of production and industry.

Regarding Parliament's support for the automotive industry, Biglari also pointed out: Parliament's support for all manufacturers and parts makers is a necessity, as the supreme leader of the revolution also insists on this support for national production; if there is no part industry there will be no automotive industry; part making is the infrastructure for auto making, and as a legislative branch parliament should pave the way for the development of the manufacturing and industrial sectors in the best way possible.