Marivan and Saravabad Representative in Parliament: Crouse has been able to localize many of auto parts using elite knowledge

1.     Crouse is a very successful example of private company

2.     Providing low-cost facilities motivates and expands the production of companies such as Crouse

3.     Crouse has been able to localize auto parts in the country by using the knowledge and expertise of the country's elites and youth, thus reducing the dependence of the industry on foreign countries

4.     The Parliament should pass simple laws for producers to support local production and the government should also provide suitable opportunities for producers to provide sustainable production and employment in the country

Mansour Moradi, the representative of the people of Marivan and Sarvabad in the Islamic Consultative Assembly visited the Crouse Plant No. 2. During the visit, Mansour Moradi described the Crouse part manufacturing Company as a successful example of a totally privately owned company that was able to provide significant jobs to 12,000 workers.

Moradi said on the sidelines of a visit to the Crouse Manufacturing Company: "During our visit to the Crouse Company, we were able to get to know this large complex better and it is a great pleasure that the company has made so much progress in the part making industry.

The member of the Budget, Planning and Accounts Commission of the Parliament emphasized the need for comprehensive government support, saying that providing cheap facilities would motivate and expand the production of such companies, while sanctions also made such companies more capable and more authoritative than before, by turning threat into opportunity.

Moradi who is also a member of the Sunni faction pointed to the ability to localization of parts in the Crouse Company and said: Many of the parts that were imported from other countries in the past, we now see that the Crouse has been able to produce them locally with the knowledge and expertise of the country's elite and youth; and therefore the industry's dependence on foreign countries has diminished.

Pointing out that parliament can pass legislation to protect the interests of producers, he noted: "Parliament should pass simple laws for producers to support production within the country, and the government should consider appropriate facilities for producers in order to have a sustainable production and employment boom in the country.