Crouse Capability in the Sphere of Industrial Production of Knowledge-based Projects

With the start of international sanctions on the automobile industry of the country, Crouse Manufacturing Company, with its effective presence in the resilient economy and the use of the knowledge and expertise of engineers and knowledge-based companies, has achieved self-sufficiency in many auto parts. At present, the company is striving to achieve full self-sufficiency in the industry, and is completing its relationship with knowledge-based companies by participating in the First Technology Event at SAPCO.

Crouse has been present at the exhibition with the goal of utilizing the capabilities of knowledge-based companies, displaying new localized products, increasing the level of localization of auto parts, and ultimately helping create jobs and boost production. At this gathering, Crouse has demonstrated the parts that have not been self-sufficiently produced, or the parts that are in the list of outsourced from abroad and to facilitate the self-sufficiency path for tech or knowledge-based companies to produce locally.

Speaking at the conference, Hossein Karami, director of SAPCO's Technology at the First SAPCO Technology Event, said: "We have two paths for knowledge-based companies; if they have the capability of mass production, then the path of cooperation is clear; and for companies that are not capable of mass production, the path for cooperation depends on the situation."

Karami said the goals of the event are to coordinate supply and demand in the technology and innovation market and added that: "Among the most significant objectives of the event are streamlining the technology and innovation in automotive industry, upgrading the capabilities in self-sufficiency and supplying auto parts; and promoting the position of knowledge-based companies in self-sufficiency.

All over the world, the automotive industry is an important industry and is considered the mother of all industries, as it covers a very large sphere. Crouse, as the largest part-making company in the country, has been able to build a supply chain around itself so that technology and knowledge-based companies can be formed around the Company and also knowledge-based companies can enter the field, resulting in the localization of many auto parts and components including ECU, ACU, Airbags, multimedia and more.

Arash Mohebbi-Nejad, Secretary of the Homogenous Industries Powertrain and Part Manufacturing Association, said at The First Technology Event at SAPCO: "Given the cruel US sanctions against the Iranian nation, paying attention to knowledge-based companies has become a necessity and now in all parts of the country the debate over self-sufficiency and to knowledge-based companies has received more attention than ever before."

The Homogenous Association Secretary pointed out: "R&D rates in part manufacturing companies are between 3.5% and 8%, but this is not even a 0.1% in the whole industry of our country because the country's macroeconomics are ill; if we do not spend on research and development we will not see the special momentum in the automotive and part manufacturing industry."

Crouse Company Research Center has invested in the most sophisticated measuring devices and design systems, and more than 230 of the country's academic elite and knowledge-based companies are researching and developing their products; resulted in designing advanced parts needed by the country's automotive industry. In addition to the activities of Crouse Company, several projects are currently underway with the universities of Tehran, Sharif and Amir Kabir.

Akbar Ghanbarpour, Deputy of Technology at Tehran Paradise Park, also said at The First Technology Event of SAPCO that: "There is a great deal of collaboration between our complex with large companies, including part manufacturing companies. We recommend large automotive and auto manufacturing companies to outsource their knowledge and research and development plan to the companies active in the field.

Ghanbarpour reiterated: "We must strive to help knowledge-based companies accompany the part manufacturing companies; we have had great success in the past 3 years; and we hope to expand this relationship."

Crouse, in collaboration with knowledge-based companies, has so far been able to flourish day-by-day in spite of sanctions, and produced locally more than hundreds of parts required by automotive industry which were supplied from abroad in the past, and also has been able to increase the depth of localization by the help of local engineers. Also, more than 10 auto parts are being tested as well as tens of other parts that their design have been started, and if they are successful in the final tests, they will be available to automakers after mass production. Based on this, new technologies can deepen the localization in the automotive industry to see new and high quality components in automotive products.