Crouse will attend Tehran International Engine Industry Exhibition with Localizing Technologies that need Foreign Currency

1.      Crouse presents its advanced manufacturing products and parts that are in line with the technology of the engine industry which need foreign exchange, at the 8th Tehran International Engine Exhibition in SAPCO Company Hall from February 18 to 20 for auto industry enthusiasts.

Crouse presents its activities and capabilities at Tehran International Engine Exhibition on Tuesday, February 18, for three days.

Crouse Part Manufacturing Company attends the 8th Tehran International Engine Exhibition and 11th International Conference on Combustion Engine and Oil to present new products, increased parts localization level, to show localized products and assist with production boom.

The increasing demand for vehicles, the limited resources of fossil fuels and the increase of environmental pollutants have made Crouse ramp up its efforts to improve the performance of powertrains and internal combustion engines.

The company has been working to upgrade the performance and improve the environmental specification of internal combustion engines with assistance of its engineers and specialists as well as the universities of the country by the application of modern knowledge and advanced technologies in the field of internal combustion engines.

Crouse presents its advanced products and components that have been localized especially those parts that need foreign currency for production.

Crouse will welcome enthusiasts of the industry at the 8th International Engine Exhibition from February 18 to February 20 for 3 days at SAPCO Hall. Visitors can visit the company's booth for the first 2 days of the exhibition from 8 am to 6 pm and the final day from 8 am to 12 pm.