Mirslim: Crouse Good Performance Promises a Bright Future for the Company

Crouse presents its advanced manufacturing products and components that are localized to reduce the need for foreign currencies, at the 8th Tehran International Engine Exhibition at SAPCO Hall.

Seyed Mostafa Mirslim, The Chairman of Iran Khodro Engine Research and Design Company (Ipco) [Irankhodro Powertrain Company] visited Crouse booth in this exhibition, referring to the very high progress of the Crouse company in part manufacturing industry and said: " What I saw, Crouse has done many activities in the field of research and development; and its progress is definitely promising in the near future."

Concerning support for auto parts manufacturing companies, Mirslim said: "Support and backup for part makers is the primary task of the government and automakers to overcome the barriers they face, especially as a result of sanctions, whether in terms of scientific activities that lead to self-sufficiency or whether to circumvent sanctions to prevent production halt.

Mirslim expressed satisfaction on Crouse performance and mentioned required support for the Company and noted: "Crouse itself must support its company. And I see very clearly a bright future for Crouse and the auto parts industry."

The chairman of the board of directors at IPCO reiterated the role of Crouse in self-sufficiency and the resistive economy and said: "The Company is very effective in this regard and provides a very high capacity for the country's automotive industry. Crouse components are of high quality and this is a result of the company's high investment in the part making industry.

Regarding the 8th Tehran International Engine Exhibition to help the country's automotive industry, Mirslim said, "The part making industry is a major supporter of engine and car production, and fortunately with the applied precision, many car parts makers, such as Crouse are equipped with research and research centers to enhance their technology level. We have seen some very good achievements at this exhibition, which indicates the work of the part makers, and if it continues, we will remove many of the restrictions imposed by the sanctions.

The member of the Expediency Council pointed to the presence of major auto part makers such as Crouse and Riseco in the exhibition and mentioned their contribution to the engine and car industry and said: "Due to the dependence of car and part industry to each other, it would not be possible to achieve success in car industry without parts makers.  Parts are manufactured by part makers, and the automotive industry is just the assembler of these parts; automakers can only produce their own product with the help of part makers, which can be said the progress of part maker is prerequisite for automaker's development.