Crouse Powertrains Director Promises the Company's Ability to Provide Complete Engine Management

Hossein Ansari, Director of Crouse Powertrains Group, at the 11th International Conference on Internal Combustion Engines gave speech on the future of combustion engines in the country and pointing to the Crouse plans and achievements and said: "The existing fossil fuel combustion cause more greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric pollutant, and given the general use of internal combustion engines and machinery, the most important debate is to reduce the amount of pollutants that can be achieved by reducing fuel consumption."

Ansari mentioned the alternative engines in the world and noted: "In some countries, plans have been put in place to ban the use of internal combustion engines and replace them with electric cars in the coming years. In our country, to achieve this, clean electricity generation infrastructure must be created and electric cars and charging stations should be easily accessible and usable. Limitations on resources such as lithium, cobalt, etc., as well as its higher price in comparison to cars with a internal combustion engine are among obstacles for expansion of electric cars."

Crouse Company Powertrains Director pointed out the need for improvement of internal combustion engines and said: "Increased injection pressure using turbo charging, improvement in combustion, smart and optimized fuel consumption management, selection of appropriate displacement and weight for internal combustion engines, etc., can help improve the performance of these engines.

Summing up the above issues regarding the future of powertrains in Iran, he enumerated the solutions and said: "The only ways to deal with the dangers ahead and continuing the life of the internal combustion engines are improving the design and technology of internal combustion engines based on the experiences of technology-savvy countries, using the natural gas fuel in engines designed for this purpose, as well as the design and production of hybrid cars."

Ansari cited the localization of many components at Crouse, saying: "When Crouse started dealing with the management of powertrains, the focus has been on localization, and despite the current sanctions and related problems; Crouse has managed to localize many advanced automotive components and to upgrade the technical know-how of the personnel, who are the Company's core assets."

On Crouse's achievements in local production of ECUs he said: "We at Crouse have been able to build the most capable calibration team among the part makers, using the expertise and experience of its engineers, which led to complete localization of 5th generation ECUs. In the latest generation, which is newly localized, Crouse has reached the ability to equip an electric throttle for internal combustion engines."

Ansari continued: "Crouse is fully capable of managing the engine and with the effort of this enterprise, advanced lines for producing high-tech engines will be launched soon in the country."

Crouse Powertrains Director said: "Teams are formed at Crouse to study the development of internal combustion engines as well as electric cars that have made significant progress along the way, and Crouse effort has been to maintain a leading position and stay at the forefront of change in topics related to internal combustion engines.