Crouse ready to support Iran Automotive OEMs by ‘Production Leap’

Nader Sakha, CEO of Crouse, congratulated the New Year, referring to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as declared the new year to be the year of the ‘production leap’, says “At Crouse, with efforts of our 12000 employees, experts and engineers, we strive to defeat sanctions by boosting the localization and production of quality automotive parts needed by OEMs.”

Sakha, says “As last year was named by Supreme Leader ‘production boost’, Crouse focused its R&D activities for increasing localization and expanding production capacity and we took very effective steps forward.”

He, by mentioning Crouse world-class technology for design and development of parts, says “Crouse increases its production capacity this year to help OEMs production leap as well as saves the industry from sanctions by timely delivery of parts needed for the automotive industry.”

Despite the difficulties caused by outrageous sanctions, Crouse has doubled its R&D capacity and acquired the knowledge of designing high-tech automotive components. Relying on Crouse R&D team of 250 experts and collaboration with top Iranian universities, Crouse has several localization projects in hand, so we have a leap in localization this year.