As per Leader’s Directive, Crouse Expressed Readiness to Improve Quality of Automotive Industry

Yesterday, in a video call with production plants in commemoration of Labor Week, the Supreme Leader of Iran pointed out that the quality of national vehicles shall not be dependent on the importation of quality from other countries. “It shall be improved,” he added, “through other ways to prevent the national industry’s deterioration”. 

Mr. Nader Sakha, the Managing Director of Crouse Company, in addition to acknowledging the Leader’s constant consideration for national industry and indicating that Crouse has the capacity to manufacture best quality automotive parts, said, “the leader’s consideration for national industry motivated us, as the largest automotive part manufacturer, to mobilize the largest design center of automotive parts of Iran with best designing devices, and as a result, improve the quality of automotive parts industry.”

“We have spent a fortune and made a great investment,” he added, “in localization of automotive part industry, and consequently, we have been lashed out by those who are in favor of importation. However, we remained steadfast in this way, and according to the Leader’s commandments, devoting ourselves to this purpose more than ever; we declare that Crouse is always ready to localize automotive part industry and continue manufacturing with the highest quality, even better than foreign competitors.

With regard to the design of automotive parts in Crouse, Sakha expressed that this company has passed reverse engineering, and he added, “today, based on the orders placed by automotive manufacturers, we are be able to design internal automotive systems from scratch at the highest level employing the world best technologies.”

It is worth mentioning that Crouse Company, as the largest automotive part manufacturer in Iran, manufactures and distributes more than 20 percent of sensitive and advanced internal automotive parts namely controllers, wiring harness, indicators and multimedia with highest quality. This company has provided more than 12,000 jobs and played a significant role in national production and self-sufficiency of Iran.